Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Episode 138: It's a Holiday

Bart and Norma go over feedback and a story update!

Show Notes:


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  2. I don't think people realize how sexual abuse can influence some lives. I think it depends on how long it went on and how it was handled after it was revealed. I had a third-grade student who came to my class after going into the system because she was being abused by her family. I don't know the specifics, but I still know her adoptive family and she continues to have many problems. A loving family adopted her and that has helped, but she will never be "normal" and able to live on her own.

    It's funny, but the only time I could drink coffee was when I was pregnant with Bart. I drank it because I got headaches and couldn't take Excedrin. The coffee had caffeine in it and that helped. Now, Bart can't stand coffee. Are there other people who get nauseous when they smell some kinds of coffee. That happens to me with some of the strong blends.