Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Episode 12: Common Cores and Homeschooling!

This is an unusually focused episode...we primarily discuss the PA Common Cores with a little homeschooling thrown in. A public education geekout...

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Show Notes
  • We're recording on the old homestead again...
  • Feedback...should we have a pet peeves segment?
  • This generation will have a new media version of the embarrassing family photo album to deal with
  • Repressed memories as a pop psych phenom in the 80's
  • Pennsylvania Common Cores
  • Homeschooling
Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Episode 11: Xmas Edition! (With some Twitter thrown in)

Norma and I discuss the holidays (given that it's the holidays) with small digressions into Twitter and NSA fun.

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Show notes:
  • Home for the holidays!
  • Norma traveled quite a bit
  • Xmas shopping...still...
  • Wealthy for Xmas?
  • Sucking at vacation...thanks, Pete
  • What is "wealthy?"
  • What's spending over the holidays now?
  • Viral airline joy
  • I mention someone I know. Know-know. Not Twitter-know.
  • Twitter and connecting to celebrities
  • People wanting to get close to celebrities
  • Twitter Warz
  • What is fanfic?
  • Twitter as advertising (only) sucks
  • Amanda Bynes...we get ugly
  • Toenail clippers for terrorists
  • You're crazy and you're crazy and you're crazy...
  • Climate change
  • Holiday traditions - what do you miss?
  • Programmers have horcruxes
  • NSA - hello! Can we sue you?
  • NORAD is tracking the Santa...

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Episode 10: FaceBook Spying, Affluenza and Santa is White!

Norma fills in again...I think she's now a cohost at this point. Warning: if you believe in Santa, this is not the podcast for you...

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Show notes:
  • Feedback: Pete's drunken hotel trip elicits laughter
  • LinkedIn creeps Bart out
  • Does knowing exactly who is looking at your profile make a difference?
  • FaceBook stores the status you start to type but don't post
  • NSA spying via metadata
  • 'Murica!
  • Obamacare vs. the ACA
  • Hearing the wrong information still "sticks" in your mind
  • Stereotypes are brain shortcuts
  • Affluenza!
  • Sex additions just means a bigger party...
  • Wealth means no consequences?
  • Why are people surprised?
  • Get enough press, they might make an example...
  • Fox "News" - Santa is white!
  • This leads to discussing Doctor Who...
  • The reason for the season?
  • Teacher makes a comment that DESTROYS Xmas for a high schooler

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Episode 9: Tech Campus Housing and Living Wages!

Norma fills in again as Pete flies home from overseas. We have tech companies creating housing for employees, talk of school stuffs and a discussion about living wages for striking fast food workers!

Direct Download: http://traffic.libsyn.com/geekingafterdark/Geeking_After_Dark_9.mp3 

Show notes:
  • A story of phallusies
  • Voretaq7 tweeted feedback!
  • Being fined for bad reviews of a business?
  • Non-disparagement clauses in terms of use!
  • Litigious society and liability
  • Tech companies going too far with culture by creating company housing?
  • Teachers work all the time, if you count good behavior...
  • Haha..."doody pay."
  • What good are contracts if you get fired for following them?
  • Remember the "company man?"
  • Companies will get rid of you, ethically or by other means.
  • Is a campus housing community good?
  • Golfing for promotions!
  • Food strikes!
  • Minimum wage...what was it for?
  • Surely no one foresaw what exists today when making laws then...
  • But fast food would cost SO MUCH!
  • Living wages are evil why?
  • Unskilled? Worthy of contempt? But they handle your food!
  • We subsidize corporations paying low wages!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Episode 8: Sex Ed and Black Friday!

Pete's on a business trip, so Norma filled in.

Warning, we're a little more explicit than in past episodes...

 Direct Download: http://traffic.libsyn.com/geekingafterdark/Geeking_After_Dark_8.mp3 

Show notes:
  •  Norma fills in as cohost!
  • Feedback: none. But Norma did find the "training up" quote from the Bible (see previous episode)
  • Focus on the Family article
  • Discipline is necessary because people are horrible
  • Abstinence education in school
  • "Woody the Dong" story
  • Remember the sex ed films?
  • School sex ed presenters are crappy
  • "Vaginas are like Hoover vacuums"
  • I should have become a lecturer
  • What is your dateability?
  • Love vs. infatuation at first sight
  • Check out Lookadoo for yourself
  • Showing your paycheck on Instagram can get you fired
  • Is it practical to just get a better job?
  • His fault, or Streisand effect?
  • "Responsible social media use"
  • Are parents enabling kids now? No consequences for behavior?
  • Black Friday!
  • Why is it a big deal to be open on Thanksgiving?
  • If there wasn't a demand for it...