Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Episode 137: Metabolism, Misophonia, and Boosting Football Morale

Bart, Norma and Voretaq discuss...pretty much what's in the subtitle. Along with a couple other news stories. It's a newsy day!

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  1. OMG! Where did you get your appetite for the weird combinations? I know you like ketchup on everything, but the hot pocket things sounded disgusting.

    When I get my knee injected with steroids, I always lose about 5 pounds over the next week no matter what I eat. Wish it would stay off.

    I think everyone has certain sounds that annoy them. I have a friend who goes ballistic when I pull my straw out of my drink at McDonald's to mix the ice.

    Some of the new flavors in M&Ms are really crazy, too. Why would you make pop tarts when you can buy them and it's so much easier? Just like people who spend days canning vegetables and you can pick up a few cans much cheaper. Plus you have to spend time picking the veggies or fruits while getting eaten by bugs and getting sunburned.

    Happy Memorial Day!