Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Episode 135: Happy Post-Mother's Day Show

Bart starts off solo before being joined by Norma and discusses metabolism and habits, effects of Biggest Loser on the contestants, and some current news items!

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Show Notes:

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  1. We should be very afraid of going into the hospital. It isn't just large city hospitals. There seems to be many cases of infections in our local one. The operations go well, but the patient ends up with a bacterial infection linked to the hospital.

    I think there are many factors involved in what foods you like. You were discussing vegetables. My mom ate all of them, but because of my dad's likes, we mainly had the basic ones like peas, green beans,and corn. Bart was raised on those choices, but eats very different ones. Some of it has to do with what textures and smells you can tolerate. There are strange foods that people eat on television shows that I can't believe anyone would be able to eat without vomiting.

    Why don't we do away with public bathrooms and only have portable potties or one-seaters. No multiple toilets. Problem solved.

    Maybe the girl who hit you with her car gave your address for this weird visit from the police.