Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Episode 86: Nearly Unedited

Bart, Norma and Voretaq have our most conversational conversation. Much on education and education issues!

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  1. How about Cat Woman for a nickname, Norma?

    I actually learned about Memorial Day in school and heard a segment on the Morning News that gave the meaning again. Bart was correct that I didn't google it.

    Insurance Companies: My husband has had injections for pain in his back for about 15 years now. The last procedure took away the pain for 4 years. So, when he called the doctor to see if he could come in again, he was told that he had to get a referral from his family doctor so the insurance would preapprove the MRI that the pain doctor needed. Well, the insurance company denied the MRI until he goes through physical therapy and tries pain meds first. That is just what a diabetic person needs-more meds and ones that make you loopy, too. Would like to hear Voretaq's thoughts on this when he's on again. Oh, we could pay for the MRI ourselves.

    We are one of the couples who only have a cell phone for emergencies so they are out there.

    Students refuse to do work because they know their parents will support them. Parents control education now because they(? administrators) have allowed it to happen.

    Why don't people worry about their kid's education instead of arguing about what clothes they can or can't wear?

    Can students wear pajamas and slippers like their parents wear shopping?

    I think schools should adopt the Walmart attire.

    What about the students who leave home wearing decent clothing and have the "other" clothes in their bag to change into at school?