Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Episode 89: Guns and Mental Health

The big items in the news involved a transphobic software project and gun enthusiasts relying on the old "mental health" argument, but the cuttlefish will make you feel better...

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Show Notes:


  1. Rent increase in NYC matches what school boards do here. They are allowed to increase taxes at a certain rate and they always do the maximum.

  2. South Carolina shooter: He actually participated in an hour of the service before he shot them. The Confederate flag made him do it. Maybe the church was too hot.

  3. If treatment of mental illness cannot be told by a doctor, how could a gun seller find out their status unless they committed a crime at some point?

  4. Online learning only works if kids are self motivated. Most of them slide into game playing instead of working on their studies. Ideally, these programs would work so your enrichment students and slower learners could work at their own pace. But you still need a teacher for basic instruction. I'm looking at it from an elementary level.

    Maybe parents won't let their kids go to Amazon because they know how to order and don't trust them.