Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Episode 131: The Strike

Voretaq rejoins Bart and Norma to talk about...mostly school strikes. But there's some porn and plane crashes, too!

Show Notes


  1. The newspapers are full of school strikes in Bradford County, PA. It's sad that things have come to this. It disrupts the classroom and creates hard feelings. There's got to be a better solution. I love the districts when they whine that there is no money, but they can afford to pay administration salaries that are crazy. I suppose they say it to make the taxpayer fear more taxes. There should be money in reserve for the years they didn't pay extra.

    I'm already tired of ads for presidential candidates. I'm amazed at the things that Hillary did all by herself. It says so in the ads.

  2. Love the unique sound in the background. Couldn't place it.
    It was like one of the mystery sounds I used in my lesson on sound in the classroom.