Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Episode 130: (News) Story Time

Bart and Norma review assorted stories in the news from Burning Hands to Panama Papers!

Show Notes:


  1. This is my opinion as a teacher. I think it's time Pennsylvania had a law for binding arbitration. Teachers are forced to strike which creates more anger from the public. The law should require school districts to settle within a certain time. Oh, that's right, I'm talking about a state who can't have a budget within an appropriate period.

    I know that a teacher shouldn't hit a student, but lack of administrative support causes teachers and others who interact with children to sometimes turn to hitting. There were many times that I would ask for help with discipline problems and no one helped or they decided that I could use a discipline method that took excessive time and took time away from the other students. If the student in your discussion wasn't hurt and the adult was dealt with, I don't feel the family deserves millions of dollars because they found some lawyer who would take the case.