Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Episode 76: Safe Spaces for Feedback

Bart and Norma review feedback, then cover a few news stories that include "safe spaces," a 12 year old that tries to kill her mother and a Walmart Spider-Villain.

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  1. How could anyone depend on Social Security alone for retirement? My husband and I get about $3,000 a month. We did retire early and that makes a difference because we have to pay $1,500 a month for our health insurance. There's no way we could live on SS. As I understand it, when it was started, it was for retirement. You pay in and the government invests it and you get money when you retire. Then the government in all their wisdom started tacking on more crap to be paid out of this money. There are many people who never paid a cent, getting "free" money from this fund. Even the illegals can collect. You may get more out than you paid, but if you die before you collect, your beneficiary gets nothing and you lost everything you paid into it. It's like gambling.

    I think every generation has a list of the things that are important. When I was young, respect was high on the list. Respect has dropped in the ratings today. Teachers, policemen, etc. have lost that edge. Parents, in many cases, don't have respect as a priority.

    It's funny that people shout "Freedom of Speech" until something offends them or is against their ideas. Then it's "shut them up", sue them, or have a campaign to destroy them.