Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Episode 74: Eleven Deadly Sins

Bart and Norma talk about the Eleven Deadly Sins leading to PA Education job termination, a racist fraternity and some favorite movie stuffs!

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Show Notes:


  1. Favorite Movie: "Dirty Dancing"
    Favorite Weird TV show: " The Following"
    Favorite TV show: "NCIS"
    Favorite Broadway Show: "Phantom of the Opera"
    Favorite Children's Author: Tedd Arnold

    It's amazing that in any job, you can do 8 million things right and you do one wrong thing and that is what they focus on. As a teacher, I gave up so much of my time to extra activities that I did for the students on my own time and then got called on the carpet because I went to the union and complained about the principal taking away planning time to do testing. Planning time was in the contract and the administration would take it away like it was their right.

  2. I watched The One Percent and was amazed at the view of the rich. That our government is subsidizing rich sugar barons is unthinkable.