Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Episode 75: Derpitude to the Max

Voretaq and Bart talk about postal spam and co-op living, then Norma joins them with more info on teaching pitfalls!

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  1. One Percent Movie: This concept was revealed: The rich shouldn't pay higher taxes because they provide we poor people with jobs. What a crock of crap! The rich who inherited their "richness" feel entitled even though they didn't do a thing to get the money. The rich get richer.

    Teaching subs: It seemed that every time I got a sub who sucked, the staff would proceed to tell me how my classroom was out of control with the sub like it was my fault for being sick. Other teachers love telling you that your classroom was awful when it was usually a well controlled room. You have to know that I didn't take off often.

    When you were talking about hiring new teachers so they could replace "old" ones who made more, I thought of the district I retired from. They had started hiring only women who were very slim and attractive or men or women who could coach a sport. You'd think they were a modeling agency.

    When I left teaching, all teachers had to pay a fee to the Union for negotiations whether a member or not. It was close to what we paid for dues.

    When I was in high school, the girls took archery. We would shoot on the lower field against the bank which had the track at the top. There were some close calls when the arrows went up over the bank and the boys were running the track for gym. It was actually quite funny

    Enjoyed the humor about the policemen and where their bullets landed.