Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Episode 24: Now With More Banter!

Pete and Bart have a long conversation. We talk a little about O'Reilly, discuss feedback, a state is trying to restrict EBT card use and Fred Phelps died!

Show Notes:
  • Pete's Back
  • Interactions in person vs. online
  • Bill O'Reilly is still an arse
  • Night Court memories
  • Episode 22 feedback...Life was simpler growing up
  • People only delve into a topic if they're interested, otherwise rumor and hearsay works for them
  • Episode 23 feedback...Learn something new every day
  • People want to be in an echo chamber
  • A bill is being proposed to limit what EBT cards can be used for, apparently it was Louisiana (whoops, sorry Alabama...)
  • Poor people: budget as society says, or spend as they want?
  • A base income for everyone?
  • Jesus liked helping people, no strings attached
  • Fred Phelps died. You can hear the stampede of irony
  • Effects of diet and exercise with athletes

1 comment:

  1. Have to agree with Pete on the government assistance. When they sign up for the programs, they agree to the stipulations. I see Bart's point, but I also see WIC cards used in PA by moms with their nails and hair done professionally. Point being that they use the cards for necessities and apparently they have other money for the frills. There are those who really need the help and those who could work, but choose not to. It seems like there are too many people getting money from assistance and SSI that never put into the program. I worked for the money I'm getting. What's really fair?