Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Episode 22: Google Update, Inherited Apple Devices and Experian Shares Your Identity

Bart and Pete revisit the story wherein Google was cracking passwords of zipped mail attachments, we discuss accessing your accounts when you die, and Experian manages to share out all the information necessary for stealing your identity to a foreign national running an identity theft business from his home. We also discuss a little bit about Bill O'Reilly's "Killing Jesus" book and Windows XP being end-of-lifed.

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  1. This whole identity thing is scary to the older generation. We just can't comprehend the problem because it seemed like things were so much simpler when we were growing up.
    I think when we read anything, we need to use our intellect and personal wisdom to judge the worth of the material. Hopefully, when reading nonfiction, a reader would not use one book/author to get knowledge about the subject. It should lead to reading other material by various authors before you made a judgement. Just my opinion.