Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Episode 164: Kicking Off the Holiday Season

Bart, Norma and Voretaq review some bad news from the previous week, but there's less political talk, so...win?

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Show Notes:


  1. I am listening to this Podcast on Thursday, December 1st and heard on the news this morning that Sarah Palin is being considered for a post in the White House. Yikes!!!!

    I have seen more commercials for Black Friday all month to buy cars. How many people buy cars as Christmas presents?
    I wish.

  2. Bart used to love the Christmas tree. He would crawl under it and look up. That ended the year the tree fell over on him on Christmas night. I was thrilled because I got a jump on putting the decorations away. Why do people think it's terrible to put Christmas decorations away the day after Christmas?

    I love the Santa Clause movies with Tim Allen and "White Christmas". We all know Bart's favorite movie.