Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Episode 115: Trumpus and War on Xmas Update!

Bart, Norma and Voretaq discuss feedback, more on Trumpus, DNC data breaches, suspended licenses and our last War on Xmas update!

Direct Download: http://traffic.libsyn.com/geekingafterdark/Geeking_After_Dark_Episode_115.mp3

Show Notes:


  1. I know I will support whoever is not Hillary Clinton. I will absolutely not vote for her.

    In my opinion, Obama is like a virus in your computer. He's the virus in our country. I don't think he has improved this country in any significant way.

    You are right about the "Magic Solutions" that schools copy. For 35 years I saw numerous programs be forced on us and they failed, were dropped quietly, and replaced with another miracle solution. We had a wonderful science program, but when they realized that costly materials had to be purchased every year, it was thrown out and replaced with a book which was used for many years.

  2. I was listening to the last part of the podcast and saw on the crawl line on TV that Ethan Couch and his mother were caught. Also, it was announced that Pennsylvania's wise governor just vetoed the budget proposal. It will go on so long that they will be dealing with the next one before this one is in place.

  3. Also, our power was out for 27 hours which makes you appreciate having electricity. Luckily we had a generator which gave us some power and our wood stove provided heat. After our fight with Frontier over not having a phone, we didn't need another front to fight on.