Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Episode 114: Xmas Memories, Trumpus Pontifications, and Santacon!

Bart and Norma discuss mostly holiday musings with a pinch of poor people myths and Trumpus!

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  1. You were talking about running the government as a business. How do they run these "failing" schools as a business? I didn't know that a school was a business.

    I've discovered that people who lived during WWII, were into saving money even if they had to live as paupers. The thing is interest was very high and many of them ended up as senior citizens with large accounts. But because they are now old and in poor health, the money may go to pay for people to wipe their butts in a nursing home because Medicare won't kick in until all their assets are used up first. I've decided that saving money goes nowhere today because interest rates are horrible so you might as well enjoy what you have while you can and let Medicare pay for people to wipe your butt.

    I think you're seeing a large group of people who actually vote supporting Trump.

    You can blame the schools that your son is afraid of global warming. Maybe you could write a "rant" because it is taught in science class and put it on Facebook.

    It seems like the Salvation Army always says their donations are down and stores say sales are down. They can't blame it on the weather this year.

    The thing I dislike at Christmas is the letters people write to put in their Christmas cards. They brag, brag, brag. They should tell about the cat who keeps throwing up and everyone steps in it or that they have heartburn and sore feet or their kid just tried drugs for the first time. Come on! Most people couldn't have the perfect life they talk about in those letters.