Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Episode 80: Queen of Versailles, Job Interviews, and Strange Erotica

Bart, Norma and Voretaq7 discuss a new documentary of people not self aware, teachers and their lack of online presence, and a woman angry that she was (allegedly) turned down because of her style...

Most definitely a NSFW/Explicit podcast episode...you've been warned

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Show Notes:

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  1. Why don't employers use the unique skills of their employees instead of going to outside sources? If they hired you, they should trust your judgement. This came up when Bart talked about an email system and the district wanted to stay with the one that wasn't working well.

    The segment on the "Queen of Versailles" makes the average person smile if that kind of person loses money. It's like the popular student snob at school who you love to see fall down in a mud puddle.

    I had a friend get her facebook account hacked. They sent friend requests to many people. What is the purpose of doing this on Facebook?

    What makes me mad with writers are all of these famous actors who write books about themselves or children's books and make good money. It takes away from the hardworking writers who really work at their craft. And then there are authors like Stephen King who could write a book about types of poop and end up on the bestseller list.