Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Episode 79: Clinton, Pink, Toddlers as Zoo Food and Tor

Bart and Norma go over feedback before discussing some current stories in the news. Near the end she asks about The Onion Router project.

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  1. When I taught, we (the teachers) would often talk about taking babies from the nursery at the hospital and putting them into a school dorm since parents expected the schools to do everything anyway. In some cases, if a child had been put into a decent home they would have had a good future.

    Why is it okay to comment on people who are heavy, but not say anything negative about gays? It's all being prejudiced.

    I played the pizza game with my grandson on Roblox and some other player kept throwing the pizzas on the floor and wouldn't let us pick them up. I can't understand how that is fun. You couldn't fulfill the objective of the game.

    People have lost their common sense. I don't know where it went, but probably has something to do with society's values today.

    I wonder what the kind of pet you own says about your personality. We usually had furry, fuzzy pets, but some people like reptiles and amphibians. Just curious.