Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Episode 69: The Feedbackening

Bart and Norma talk a little about a near-hit asteroid, horrific diets and lots of feedback discussion!

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  1. I thought that you gave some very interesting facts. If we only knew how close our earth has come to catastrophe, we wouldn't sleep at night.
    When I see the tests that my mom is allowed to have with Medicare, it upsets me when I have to pay a gigantic payment every month and they fight me on getting medications and knee injections. I see so many abuses of Medicare such as having monthly deliveries for diabetes testing supplies for our Senior Citizens who have no memory to use them. They just keep letting the supplies come and pile up.The coumadin ripoff is another thing with all the testing involved.
    The diet choices are amazing. I guess it's what works for each individual.