Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Episode 57: Too Much Politics

Bart and Voretaq7 discuss a bit of politics, some GamerGate, and some feedback!

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  1. When you were talking about the ineffective government, I thought about Eric Frein who not only is charged with murder and attempted murder of policemen, but now will be charged with terrorism because of some stupid note he wrote to his parents. In it, he stated that he did the deed to get government to change and that there was no sense voting because there is no one decent to vote for. He has a point, but went about creating change in a really stupid way.

    In Pennsylvania, the gambling profits were to be used to lower or do away with property taxes. Now we hear about grants used for ridiculous projects that came from gambling money. That is how they draw the voters in - by promising lower taxes. People are dumb to think that if someone is promising something to get elected that they will actually come through after getting elected.

    Our dog chased a possum the other night. It wasn't a rat, but it sure wasn't a challenge to catch up to it.

    You should tackle the hazing deaths in one of your Podcasts.