Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Episode 46: Feedback-A-Rama

Bart and Norma go over some feedback, and end up going over more feedback.

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  1. It's amazing what teachers have to supply for their classrooms now. When I started teaching in the 70s, we had everything supplied such as erasers, pencils, paper of all kinds (even cardboard), and tissues. Have you ever seen what a 3rd grade student might do to wipe his/her nose if there are no tissues? It's not pretty. I bet CEOs don't have to bring their own soap and towels for their bathrooms.

    A good example of not giving teachers enough training is when special needs students were placed in the regular classrooms in the 90s. They had previously been in a classroom with a teacher who was trained in that area. Then, mainstreaming happened and teachers were expected to handle all of these students with no special training. It affected the "regular" students as well as the students with special needs. That's what happened with core teaching. The teachers were not prepared or given the proper materials. Well, soon it will be another magic cure and schools will move on.

    I enjoyed the podcast.