Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Episode 45: Hero Movies, Improve Your Life Situation, Ferguson, and Schmoylent!

Norma gives feedback on a previous episode and we give some commentary on how people can (or can't) improve their social mobility. We also discuss the situation in Ferguson and Bart's Schmoylent experiment is coming along.

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  1. To help with the air conditioning, you can put sheets over the doorways. It helps at our house.

    No one waited for a full report before rioting for justice for Michael Brown. You know many of these people just wanted an excuse to loot and didn't care about the issue.

    Maybe you need more energy foods to add on to your diet. It will make the pounds go off slower, but help the way you feel. You know what happens when you don't lose weight the right way.

    I think there are doctors in NYC if you don't want to come home for it.