Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Episode 266: Post Election Blues

Bart and Norma discuss Thanksgiving in a can, Stan Lee, Amazon Echo as evidence in a murder trial, and Healthcare.gov has had information scraped...whoops!

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Show Notes:


  1. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/high-school-prom-nazi-salute Did you see this one? sure looks like a Nazi salute to me.

    The Trump White House has a revolving door. It is getting ridiculous.

    Amazon has picked the cities for their distribution centers: Long Island, NY and Northern Virginia. There was a segment on the news about the "breaks" they get to locate there and it runs into the billions. The government allows this so maybe it needs to be changed.

  2. Roy Clark died. He was a star on "Hee Haw" which Bart's grandfather watched faithfully.

  3. I also wonder when all the damage from the flood will be inspected and corrected. I think it made a difference years ago because the utility companies did preventative work on creeks and roadsides and banks, etc. Now that is not done until problems occur.

    Little Dude is like his grandmother with the long sleeve thing. I have always hated material on my arms and his grandfather hates wearing long pants. He has inherited these traits.