Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Episode 228: Farting on Planes, Sexist Carts, and Flat Earth Fails

Bart and Norma have a holiday news night! Not news about the holiday...it is a holiday, so we go over news. News stuff. Like guns. And Leonia, NJ whining. And a flat Earther truther who has money for a rocket that doesn't work. And planes that land due to farting. Stuff like that...

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Show Notes:


  1. There was a segment on the news about a teacher in Colorado who has chosen to carry a weapon. The teachers are not required to do the training, but can volunteer. The training is just like the law enforcement training. He carries the gun on his person in his boot. It isn't left in a drawer and is only there when he is there. It is also posted on the school doors that some staff carry weapons. I believe they said that 2 states now allow teachers to have weapons and the other state is Texas.

    Of course, the law enforcement person outside the school in Florida was trained apparently to be useless.

  2. The new mission statement for schools is: "You come into my school and you are dead!"

  3. The NRA is getting some flack from businesses: fortune.com/2018/02/23/nra-guns-blackrock-enterprise...

  4. Did you see this article? www.today.com/style/ulta-beauty-accused... Ulta has been accused of restocking used beauty products. An ex-employee posted it. But now you wonder if she did it for spite or if it is true. The company denies the accusation.