Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Episode 224: Skype, Autobot Jazz, 13 Reasons Why and Suicide...RANDOM DAY!

Bart, Norma and Voretaq discuss Skype, small planes trafficking pot, revisits Aziz, Megyn Kelly (WHY ARE YOU ON TV STILL?!), and does 13 Reasons Why cause suicides or are people just stupid? Also: Transformers were MAGA supporters? (Spoiler: no)

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Show Notes:
Transformers MAGA?!

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  1. We returned our stupid Jitterbug smart phone. Why does it take 4 weeks to get your money back? We know it was received and checked within 2 weeks. They did return more than we thought they would. Wells Fargo takes your money, but takes weeks to return it. One time, the teacher's retirement fund paid me twice in one month and within hours, they took the extra money back. It makes a difference who it affects.

    How can the economy be so wonderful when companies are laying off workers and K-mart and Toys R Us are closing stores? I think the economy is working well for the wealthy.