Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Episode 213: Startups and Management, Oh My!

Bart, Norma and Voretaq discuss Amazon, startup perks and (mis?)management, Trump Twitter deletion and their known bot problem, and Fox and Friends doubles down on derp!

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  1. They are testing the taxis with no driver. Would any of you want to get in a car without a person in the driver's seat?

    If they won't let teachers claim expenses for what they buy for their classroom, then don't buy anything. That would be the argument. There were times I had to buy items for a math lesson because that was in the lesson plan. It's not quite as effective to talk about a recipe and the measurement and actually make the recipe and eat the result.
    Today, they don't budget many items for the classroom so teachers have to use their own money. They should increase the amount, not do away with it.

    When you were talking about the company that depended on one person, I was thinking about the organizations that I deal with who have one person handling the money or doing 18 jobs. Our church treasurer got hit with a car on his mower and no one had any idea about the finances. They would have been really in trouble if he had died. This seems to be the MO for many small town groups who still have one check signer and wonder why members steal from them.