Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Episode 201: Charlottesville

Bart and Norma discuss irritating pharmacy sites, Nazi riots and social mobility

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  1. You were talking about Hitler and how he came to power. He was known for his speeches and how they would get the crowds stirred up to turn into mob action. Hitler also brought prosperity back to Germany. He gave the people jobs. Of course Germany was preparing for was and we all know that war brings money and jobs. Does this all sound familiar?

    Trump had to open his mouth again and undo what the second speech did.

    You missed the x-rated musical that was performed in the Towanda High School. Apparently when "The Wedding Singer" was written for Broadway, it had a little more sex and swearing in it than the movie. The movie was PG-13, but the musical was apparently R rated. I did not see it, but heard from those who did. There was a rape scene with a man getting raped. Some Towandians did not appreciate the whole thing.

    I think we should blame Stephen King for the new murder technique: driving your vehicle into a crowd. One of his newer books had this as the plot.