Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Episode 195: Monumental

Bart and Norma discuss Chris Christie lounging on the beach during a shutdown, income classes and a religious monument on government property fell down and went boom...

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Show Notes:


  1. How come you didn't miss my comments? I did listen last week, but I couldn't finish it until Tuesday so I decided to wait until this week. I was helping with a children's acting workshop and was very busy.

    I think that Governor Christie was flaunting the fact that he was there when no one else was allowed. What a jerk!

    I grew up having very little, but my parents had great work ethics. I hope that rubbed off on me and my son. It doesn't seem to matter how much you make, you spend what you have. I would like to have enough to pay off my bills and not have to worry about my health care payments. We just got rid of Dish because we were paying $109 a month just for that. It wasn't that we couldn't afford it. We didn't think we were getting what we were paying for. Everything has so many small fees attached that it makes the payments ridiculous.

    Hope you had a great 13th anniversary.

  2. If the child from England came here for experimental care, who would pay for it? My husband couldn't get an MRI that cost less than $400, but thousands are spent on some patients who have very little hope of survival.

    Seeing "Spiderman" on Monday with our grandson and we're excited.