Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Episode 104: The Shortcast (On My Leg)

Bart and Norma have a short conversation about why it sucks to be hit by a car

Direct Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/geekingafterdark/Geeking_After_Dark_Episode_104.mp3

Show Notes:
  • Bart was hit by a car. Upon reflection, he believes it sucks.
  • Never trust people. Never. Just don't.
  • Never trust your brain when you are in pain. You're not thinking clearly, and the brain will lie.
  • Norma insists she's always right now.
  • Bart's coworkers and employer are great


  1. One word: lawsuit There was no excuse for your treatment at the hospital in NYC.
    You can trust your mommy and daddy. We're there for you.

  2. Why don't subways have to be handicapped accessible?
    I learned through my grandson that you shouldn't hand feed strange horses.