Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Episode 100: Fat Shaming and Kim Davis

Bart and Norma spend the holiday discussing a fat shaming comedian, Kim Davis, and a woman dying while napping between shifts...

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Show Notes:


  1. I saw a woman texting while she was walking in a parking lot at Walmart. If she had just gone to her car, she could have safely sat and finished her call. Instead she's staggering behind parked cars hoping that no one hits her.

    When you were talking about weight problems, I remember a girl in our community when I was growing up who had to drink milkshakes to gain weight. She could not gain and to this day, she is skinnier than a rail. All I have to do is look at food and I gain. People assume if you are overweight, you eat constantly. That is not true.

  2. Kim Davis putting her signature on the license does not say to me that she gives her approval to the marriage, it says she's following the law. There are probably many male-female couples who should not be given a licanse for numerous reasons, but they get one.

    My religious beliefs are very personal. I don't think some people are spreading their religion in a "wise" way or how the Bible says to do it.