Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Episode 52: Education Income, Bank Hacks, Gamer Gate and More!

Voretaq returns for a long conversation with topics ranging from high pay for NYC public school staff to "Gamer Gate."

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  1. I'm glad Bart decided to do another Podcast. Congratulations on your one year anniversary.

    First, you were talking about "tics" when people talk. Most people that are interviewed on newscasts in this area do the "you know" thing. There is someone on a board that I am on who clears his throat every 3 seconds. It drives me crazy. Being a teacher, I have a tendency to want to correct people's grammar, too.

    When you mentioned the solar system, it brings to mind the fact that science is not a priority in schools, especially elementary schools. They only teach it when it must be tested. I loved teaching science because I used the hands-on approach, not the reading method. Kids loved it.

    When people get low pay, they move on quickly for better pay. Then, new employees must be trained. Wouldn't it be better to pay more and keep them on?

    Medical Insurance: My husband and I have to pay $1,500 a month because we retired early. Because of Obama Care, our premiums have increased at an outrageous rate the last 3 years. Why should we pay for others who have no insurance or low-rate insurance?

    Why is it a sin to have your own opinion? I have a right to my opinion. Voretaq is right about people jumping all over you when you say anything out loud that they don't agree with. It feels like a form of bullying.

    It's interesting how when famous actors or actresses fall from grace over an incident in their lives, it makes a show they starred in seem to change from wholesome to evil. I'm referring to Stephen Collins. There are so many examples. Loved the shows, but changed my opinion because of a dirtbag.

    Now Ebola is the battle. Our country deals with it the same way it does everything - after it becomes a major problem.

    Check out "Scorpion" on CBS. It's about computer geeks and the underdogs.

    Keep on keeping on. Love the voices and the discussions.