Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Episode 32: Education and Other Reasons Not to be a Teacher

Norma reviews reasons she finds the education sector to be difficult in terms of career today

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Show notes:
  • We avoid discussing Bart's home search
  • They are cutting more teaching positions at the school district, including one from Norma's department
  • State testing fun
  • Censoring words
  • Computer availability in the classroom
  • Happy birthday Dude!
  • Happy birthday Norma!

1 comment:

  1. I agree with the comment on grants. Whether it's a beautification grant by the river or an education grant, they never think beyond the grant. How will the computers be maintained? Who will mow the grass by the path? Who will fix the holes in the walking path? It goes on and on.
    Let's face it - it's the TECHNOLOGY AGE, but many do not comprehend the hacking problems and stupid things people put out there for years to come. We need to adapt to the problems that come with using the new technology. I can understand older people, but the young ones seem just as bad.
    It's funny that schools are getting rid of teachers, but hiring more administrators who get very high salaries. A superintendent in the Pocono Area got a $50,000 raise because she saved the district money. Think about that. Does it make sense?
    Love your Podcast. Keep doing them, Bart.