Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Episode 16: Matt Sherman Interview and Scott Sigler Horror Novels

This time we feature our first INTERVIEW! And we found an absolutely wonderful first interview guest: Matt Sherman, co-founder and CTO of Alikewise and part of the programming team at Stack Overflow Careers (part of the Stack Exchange network.)

Also Bart talks about his love of Scott Sigler techno-thriller-horror novels. No, we're not sponsored. I wish we made money...but this is purely out of love for Scott's books! Check him out on his website!

Direct Download: http://traffic.libsyn.com/geekingafterdark/Geeking_After_Dark_16.mp3

Show notes:
  • Special guest: Matt Sherman!
  • Scott Sigler's Pandemic released January 21st
  • Bart totally geeks out on Sigler's books
  • Interview with Matt Sherman!
  • Co-founder and CTO of Alikewise, an online dating site that matches singles by their love of books
  • Kindles are bad! (because we can't see what book you're reading)
  • How will books...story consumption...change in the future?
  • Matt discusses his work as a Stack Overflow Careers programmer
  • How does SO Careers work? (Hint: credibility)
  • Stack Exchange uses the MS stack
  • Matt works heavily in .NET, C# in particular, with a long history of past technologies from the dot-com boom
  • His background is in theoretical physics an philosophy!
  • As the dot-com boomed, so did his interest in tech
  • His programming background was self-taught
  • We find out how programming is much like physics
  • Today he is experimenting with projects written in Go
  • "Every (computer) language...is a set of opinions." I really liked that quote.
  • It's helpful to have a project you want to bring to life when learning to program
  • Is there a link between programmers and literacy?
  • What's a programmer's day like?
  • How does Stack Exchange bring new programmers up to speed?
  • There are Stack Exchange programmers that hadn't touched C# before working there!
  • Asking questions is hard!
Check Matt out on his blog at clipperhouse.com and his online dating site at alikewise.com. His day job can be found at careers.stackoverflow.com and tweet him at @clipperhouse. His projects can be found on Github!

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  1. I really enjoyed this blog. I understand what Stack Exchange is about a little more. I'm amazed at the people who are self-taught in this area. Do you (Bart) feel that your degree in Computer Science has given you any advantage with your job? Also, I enjoyed the book discussion. I use both a Kindle and hard copy books and see advantages to both.